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      Changzhou Yongle Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.
        Washing machines
      Sweeping machines
      Industrial vacuum cleaners
      Pressure Washer
      Single cleaning equipment
      Commercial electric vehicles
      Mobile toilets
      Lifts, hydraulic car,Scaffold
      Security, Cleaning products
      Lobby supplies
      Sanitary wares
      Hotel supplies
      Tenaishi series
      Indoor trash can
      Plastic trash can
      Outdoor trash can
      Cleaning car
      Leisure chairs and tables
      Pad storehouse board, plastic tray
      Garden furniture
      Cleaning agent
      Taiwan businessman products
      Metal plastic series
      Protective cover
      Traffic facilities series
      Energy storage battery
      Goods shelf
      Kitchen equipment
      Kitchen utensils and equipment
      Stainless steel products
      Imported products
      Changzhou Yongle Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is a specialized supplier of industrial and commercial appliances for the trade, maintenance and operation of equipment, receiving excellent reputation in this trade for years. Over more than ten years’ hard working, Yongle has become a the biggest, best and most specialized supplier in Changzhou and even in Shanghai-Nanning region for Industrial supplies, cleaning equipment supplies, labor protection appliance, security products and Hotel supplies!
      Under the supports of several factories and manufacturing bases, we are doing our best to lower cost, produce quality products, provide services for industrial operation and procurements, and help customers saving time and costs. With YiBoLun as trademark, we now mainly produce more than 20 series and 15,000 kinds of products, including logistics, warehousing, cleaning equipment, industrial market, safety protection, traffic facilities, Hotel supplies, sanitary ware, environmental sanitation facilities, outdoor furniture, cleaning reagent, Stainless steel products, electric tools, energy Supporting and so on. 
      The featured products are: Driving type sweeper, driving type floor washing machine, fully automatic floor washing machine, Commercial vacuum cleaners,central dust collection system, water/dust vacuum machine, high pressure Cleaning machine, hot and cold water washing machine, sand washing machine, Trash can, garbage truck, traffic facilities, Parking lot charge system, Kitchen equipment, outdoor furniture, garden chairs and so on; Especially, we are the only manufacturer of some products in the world: vacuum cleaner with the global minimum noise, dust collector with the most--filtration-layer, washable filter element, Vacuum cleaners with 2 years of warranty on host, driving type floor washing car with the Minimum turning radius, driving type floor washing car for all kinds of elevators, fool-proof floor washing machine, Ultra-quiet vacuum cleaner for Office or hotel room, waterproof vacuum cleaner for industry and dust-free plant, Commercial electromagnetic range with waterproof movement and extreme-high cost performance and so on. We the a leading company in this industry!
      Yongle takes service as number one priority. With the fully understandings of customers’ demands, we do our best to serve our customers. Our reliable customer service representatives and sales professionals will provide comprehensive solutions for your purchases, and help customers solving problems at any time and any place. You can tell us your requirements and related information in one call, and Express Company or Logistics Company will offer door-to-door-service or inform you about delivery of your goods. That is the only thing you do when you become a customer of Yongle. Compared to the random purchase, Yongle will offer you the more convenient service!
      Main products: 
      A, Driving type sweeper, driving type floor washing machine, fully automatic floor washing machine, sanitation Cleaning car, garbage collection vehicles, central dust collection system, industrial vacuum cleaners, water/dust vacuum machine, high pressure Cleaning machine, hot and cold water washing machine, sand washing machine, carpet washing machine, dry foam sofa Cleaning machine, stone refurbished machines, aerial work platform, aerial hanging basket, lift, scaffold, hydraulic car, flat trolley, pipe fitting transporter, multi-purposed tool trolley, toolbox, loading machinery, forklifts, dehumidifiers, humidifier, mobile toilets, mobile sentry box, plastic tray, Goods shelf, storage equipment, 3M Cleaning products, Rubbermaid commercial and industrial supplies, SC Johnson Cleaning equipment, Cleaning equipment accessories;
      B, Commercial electromagnetic oven(commercial induction cooker), ovens, stoves, range hood, induction cooker, steaming box, baking box, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, Kitchen utensils and appliances accessories, diners, food steamer, sink, refrigeration equipment, water boiler, pot pot, knife and fork, dishes, cups, Japan and South Korea, Western tableware, Stainless steel work station, Stainless steel Goods shelf, metal plastic Goods shelf, titanium products, Hotel supplies, room service charts, signs, floor ashtry, flat car, railings, one-meter line guardrail, floor lamp box, umbrella, umbrella bag machine, podium, shoe polisher, shoe covers, cigarette butts recycling barrel, waste battery recycling bins, Sanitary wares, sit lavatory board, non-slip mat, personal mat, welcome mat, aluminum alloy mat, elevator mat;
      C, Marble dustbin, Stainless steel trash cans, steel wood rubbish bin, Plastic trash can, iron baking paint trash can, steel plate plastic spraying trash can, environmental protection material bin, classification trash can, buried trash cans, steel wood Leisure chairs and tables, cast iron Leisure chairs and tables, cast aluminum Leisure chairs and tables, metal Leisure chairs and tables, four-wheel mobile dustbin, garbage, flower boxes, sun umbrella;
      D, Industrial wiping paper, oil absorption cotton, dustproof clothing, anti-static clothing, towel paper, large towel paper, sit lavatory paper, mop of clean room, microfiber mop, wax mop, dust mop, floor brush, billboard, high pressure sprayer, Stainless steel watering can, squeeze water car, multi-purposed cleaner, floor wax, maintenance wax of furniture , Laundry detergent, catering cleaner, guest room cleaner, cleaning tools;
      E, Property cleaning, road cleaning, stone renovation, carpet cleaning, floor waxing, exterior wall cleaning, first cleaning, household cleaning, indoor cleaning, road cleaning, sanitation cleaning, floor antiskid processing, rental of cleaning equipment, maintenance of clean equipment, graffiti cleaning, epoxy floor construction, wear-resisting floor maintenance, PVC carpet maintenance.
      Please visit : http://www.yongle88.com/ for more details!
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